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Low Voltage ABC Systems
Low Voltage Servicing O/H & U/G
Medium & High Voltage Insulation
Medium Voltage Cut Outs (EDO'S)
Fused Switch Disconnectors
Othe Products
  1. Hand Operated Service Fuses (Cut-Outs)
  2. Pole Mounted Fuse Fittings
  3. Fused Connection Boxes
  4. Fused Disconnect Switches
  5. Unfused Connection Boxes
  6. Service Cable Termination Fittings
  7. Servicing Assemblies
  8. Underground Residential Distribution Systems (URD)

Flowline Industries manufactures and supplies an extensive range of products for both Overhead and Underground servicing. Whilst we have this extensive range, the majority of our products can be modified or incorporated into assemblies to suit our customers specific needs, so if what you see in this range does not suit your application contact us and we will do our utmost to fulfill your needs.

Our range of LV servicing products includes LVFuse Equipment which includes the Hand Operated House Service Fuses (Cut-Outs) which are used as fuse protection points on Distribution Boards, customers metering boards, URD Pillar panels and a number of other applications. Also in this range is our 100 ampere Pole Mounted Service Fuse which can be either pole or Fascia mounted, we also produce CT metering potential fuses with anti-tamper protection.

Fused Connection Boxes with ratings up to 100 amperes are another product group that can be Fascia or pole mounted to give electrical protection and/or a point of disconnection. These items are ideally suited for use where U/G services originate from a pole in a an overhead distribution system. For services over 100 amperes our Fused Disconnect Switches are an ideal solution for protection and isolation.

Use of Unfused Connection Boxes (Pole Junction Boxes) is a convenient and economical method of supplying multiple services with minimal connection to the overhead mains in both bare and ABC systems. In the case of ABC systems, the use of these Connection Boxes reduces the number of connections to insulated mains conductors.

Where there are Aerial Service cables, there are Service Cable Termination Fittings to support them. Our range includes fittings that suit the smallest to the largest commonly used cables, including Strain and Suspension Clamps for ABC Mains cable when used as service cable.

Flowline's extensive range of Servicing Assemblies provide a ready made and versatile number of options for customer services from O/H and U/G distribution systems. These assemblies can be supplied in kit form with various options including Fuse or CB protection and cabling ready for connection to the mains. Pole mounting hardware can also be supplied.

Underground Residential Distribution (URD) Pillars and Panels provide a convenient point of distribution and isolation as well as electrical protection of customers services when located in the public roadway or within the customers property. Numerous configurations are available with or without cabling for connection to the mains cables.

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